The information presented is built on the work accomplished over many years by Nelle Offutt Chesley and Edward Offutt. Any errors in the information that you may find are unintentional.

I have updated the information that Nelle provided me where possible as new information became available. Additionally I have made corrections where it became apparent that an error had been made.

Many years ago I started trying to research my own Offutt line, and in the course of that search was fortunate to contact Nelle. Over the years we kept in touch by letter and through phone calls. When Nelle decided to end her active research she was kind enough to offer a copy of her material. Nelle kept her research in large notebooks. There were 7 volumes of information, each volume (placed in a large notebook) focused on a different generation. Additionally Nelle had three copies, a primary copy that was hers, and two other copies that were lent to other researchers. Nelle kept these sets up to date, making corrections through change pages when necessary. Please keep in mind that Nelle managed to do this in the day of the typewriter. All indexing had to be done manually, and copies of the pages were either by carbon or a photocopier.

When I received the 7 volumes I started entering the information into a genealogy program called Brothers Keeper. After a while I decided that I needed something a little more powerful that would allow me to add much more information to each person so I switched to The Master Genealogist. That is the program I use now, in conjunction with Second Site to produce this web site.

I hope that the information will be useful to you. Where possible I have links embedded in these pages that will allow you to see the original source document to allow you to make your own conclusions.

This site currently contains information on those Offutt's who have passed on. Information on those living, or thought to be living is not contained here.

The person's information will include a line called "Reference". This field contains the Henry Numbering System value for Nelle's original work, or may have the name of the principal provider of the information for that person. I've included that information for those who have accessed, or may want to access the original work done by Nelle, as it was used throughout the 7 volumes.

My thanks to Elaine, Kathie, Kay and Steve for your help and contributions. Also a huge thank you to those who have graciously submitted photos of their families, or allowed me to use copies of thier photos to add faces to the information,

July 26, 2015
Most of the updates were to Pennsylvania lines.

July 5, 2015
There were a large number of sources added, changes were made to the site layout as well. There is now an "Updated People" page that will allow you to see quickly which lines have had work done. During this round of adds, it was discovered that a family line listed in Volume 7 had been put under the wrong line. Most of the updates were to Pennsylvania and Indiana lines. Please take a moment to let me know what you were looking for, and if you found it using the Guest Book.

May 19, 2015
Due to a large number of changes made I have decided to run another build. The majority of information pertained to Offutt branches in the Washington DC area.

May 2, 2015
A great deal of information has been added. There are a number of new images for people, as well as images that provide documentation of dates and burial locations. I have a lot more to add, but thought that I should get what I currently have out there for everyone to be able to see.

February 27, 2015
Information has been passed along that indicates that the ancestry of Lemuel Offutt, 1805 - 1865 is incorrect. I will provide more information as I get it. Additionally thtrough the kindness of other researchers I have been able to add a number of new images for family members.